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How to use the forum to promote the website

After the website is built and optimized for SEO, we need to promote our website. There are many ways to promote it. Forum promotion is an effective method in it. Use the high popularity of high-weight forums to increase the external exposure of the website. , To attract more people to click on our website, so how to use the forum to promote the website?

1. Clarification of positioning and promotion purpose

First of all, we need to know the nature of the website we want to promote, what features, and what advantages we should use to promote and attract users. These are all things that we should know clearly. Only after we clearly know these After the promotion, it will be more confident and targeted.

2. Understanding of relevant website content

If we are promoting skincare websites, then we have a better understanding of skincare related professional knowledge, and this point is actually needless to say.

3. Find the target forum

Continuing the example we gave above, suppose I am promoting a skin care product forum, then first of all we have to do a mobile phone of various skin care product information, and then classify and summarize these skin care product treatments. For example, according to brand classification, classification by function, classification by price, classification by gender, classification by country, classification by age, etc., after clarifying what aspects of skin care products have, then some aspects of them After in-depth understanding, find a more suitable forum for promotion.

4. Registered users, familiar with the forum

After registering as a member of the forum, do not rush to post advertisements in it. First of all, we must take time to understand all aspects of the forum, including some taboos of the forum, main functions, section settings, popularity, etc. The most important thing is to watch Who are the main people in the forum?

5. Grasp a small number of sections and focus on training

There are a large number of sections in the forum, but not all sections can be posted at will. We need to choose a section that is popular in this forum and that has a higher degree of relevance to the content we will publish as our main target object. , And then spend some time to become an expert or hot person in this section. For example, if we want to promote our own SEO blog, we can choose the webmaster forum, and then seize one of the more popular sections to promote, answer questions in this section every day, and also for other people’s questions in the following posts. Answer patiently. At the end, you can attach words such as if the other party has something you don’t understand, you can contact me, and then leave the QQ or website address, so that people who understand or don’t understand may click on our website. So as to bring us traffic.

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